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You nailed it (duh) when you identified that bobcats are plentiful but seldom seen. Excellent Hub, Wesman — now we have a sizeable Bobcat inhabitants in our a part of Texas (it’s reported) however as you say, they’re rarely seen. Sometimes here in North East Texas I hear one thing that feels like a girl or one thing screaming in super ache in the useless of night. You just need to grasp that there is no difference into practicing sex with a skinny woman as opposed to one who is a giant on the heavy aspect. I’m right there with you on the hunting and appreciation of meat, Alexander Mark. I do know there has been a few sightings of them in Indiana, however they are rare right here. You do not go into tall grass where or whenever you assume tigers are about! I think the identical form of thing could happen were someone to have a pet bobcat. Like their larger cousins they prey on smaller, herbivore wildlife including rabbits (and since someone let Muntjacs – canine-sized Indian deer – loose in the wild there’s a guaranteed food supply as Muntjacs usually are not that brilliant).